December 2015 Recital Pictures

Here are pictures from RSM’s December 2015 recital.

Maryland State Boy Choir Member

Congratulations to RSM student Mark Turner who was accepted into the Maryland State Boy Choir this year. This choir is an advanced choir that provides the most talented and dedicated students the opportunity to perform locally as well as tour. We are proud of Mark and his achievement.

June 2015 Recital Pictures

Here are pictures from RSM’s June 2015 recital.

2015 Piano Guild Participants

Congratulations to RSM’s 2015 Piano Guild Winners Scoring Superior Minus, Superior and Superior Plus Ratings
  • National Winner and Founder’s Plaque Award (performed 10-12 memorized pieces): Kevin Chen
  • District Winners (performed 4-6 memorized pieces): Amaya Collins, Nicholas Emig, Samaira Hammond, Emily Houk, Charlize Lee, Grace Lowden, Kallista Liu, Danielle Spence
  • Local Winners (performed 2-3 memorized pieces): Sydney Barnes, Pranav Boreddy, Wesley Collins, Hunter Gmahl, Cameron Grissom, Nova Grissom, Victoria Han, Anna Kim, Shishir Nallar, Alecia Scott, Soraya Sharif, Sydney Smith, Matthew Yang
Piano Guild Details RSM’s is an active member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers and a Sponsor-Member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians (NFSM). We desire to have all our piano students qualify for NFSM Membership by participating in the National Piano Guild Auditions as follows: 1. Participation in Guild Auditions in the memorized classification. 2. Performance of 1 to 20 memorized pieces (and Musicianship Phases) for entry in the non- competitive Annual National Piano Playing Auditions (optional competition category). 3. Each student appears before the experienced Guild examiner at the appointed time. Since Guild Auditions are considered a legitimate excuse for school absence, parents may request permission from school authorities for their children to be excused to perform in the National Piano Playing Auditions. (A form letter is available). 4. Every year a student enters Auditions, he/she will receive the following rewards: ◦ A Membership Certificate according to classification. ◦ An NFSM Membership Pin in Bronze (Pledge, Local and District), Silver (State), or Gold (National or International). Hobbyist and Ensemble students receive a bronze pin. ◦ Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the Guild examiner.

Spring 2015 Recital Pictures

Here are pictures from RSM’s March 2015 recital.

Fall 2014 Recital Pictures

Here are pictures from RSM’s December 2014 recital.

Howard County Gifted and Talented Band

DSCF1558Congratulations to Griffin Cutaiar who received second chair with the Howard County Middle School Gifted and Talented Band! The Howard County Middle School Gifted and Talented Band is an honors ensemble comprising of students from every middle school in Howard County. Talented students are selected to audition for the GT Band. Once selected, they participate in various rehearsals in order to prepare for the GT Band concert. Griffin performed on November 2 at Glenelg High School.

Rosa Pryor Scholarship Recipient

DSCF1425-150x150Congratulations to RSM student Marlon Brown who received the 2014 Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship for Piano Performance in the Middle School Level Category. As part of the 2014 scholarship recipient, Marlon will perform at the Rosa Pryor annual award banquet on Sunday, October 26th, held at 4219 Primrose Ave Baltimore MD.

Scholarship Recipient

03Congratulations to RSM student Kallista Liu who received a 40% merit scholarship for the 2014-15 season with the Children’s Chorus of Maryland. Children’s Chorus of Maryland empowers musical children and promotes the fine art of music by providing music literacy for vocal musicians.

Kallista is also active in sports. She is a member of the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) 10-and-under advanced team. Recently she was awarded first place with her 10 and under team from JTCC at the 2014 Stars of Tomorrow Junior Challenge held at the William H. G. Fitzgerald Tennis Center. The event, hosted by DC Parks and Recreation, is in its fifth year of competition. It showcases the best young star tennis players in the area.