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Why Choose RSM

Our students and their families are hard-working and lead busy lives. They want high quality, personalized music education that’s convenient to their busy schedules. Discover what makes the Roberson School of Music’s program the best choice for students of all ages. The Roberson School of Music programs include group classes, individual lessons, community outreach programs, competitions, exams and certificate programs.

Focus on Teaching

100% Focus

The Roberson School of Music focuses 100% of its efforts on designing and providing the best Music Program that will fit your needs. Students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds come to develop their musical interests and skills through a full range of private lessons, performances, reward program and exams. Teachers devote 100% of their attention and expertise to teaching and developing a personalized study program that will nurture your talents and interests.

Professionally Educated Teachers

We provide professionally educated instructors. Our faculty are experienced musicians with excellent credentials. They come from diverse, educational and performance backgrounds. Each holds advanced music degrees, certifications and performance credentials, which enable us to uniquely work with students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. Learn more about our Faculty.

Outstanding Music Program 

Private Lessons

Each student has a unique combination of age, ability, interests and skills. All students will benefit from one-on-one attention gained in Private Lessons. Students have the option for in-person or virtual private lessons.

Group Class Program (Ages 4-Adult)

Group classes provide students with an introduction to music. We currently offer group classes for piano prep/early childhood (ages 4-5), beginning piano (ages 6-9), adult piano (17 and older), and suzuki violin (ages 5-8).

Sequential Program of Study 

We provide a sequential program of study beginning at age three to adult. You can start music lessons at age three and progress through our program until you are 100. You will enjoy the convenience and comfort of remaining with a team of teachers, schedule and environment you know.

Performing Opportunities 

Performing provides support for student’s learning, motivation for practicing and gives students an opportunity to give back to their parents and community. During your program of study, you have an opportunity to perform  in fun, non-threatening Recitals.

Exams and Competitions Preparation

We offer training in repertoire, composition, theory, technique, ear training, sight reading and harmonization to prepare students for Piano Guild, MTNA competitions, Royal Conservatory Exam, ACTO-SO and other state and national exams and competitions.

Rewards Programs

You will receive encouragement and motivation through our Practice and Performing and Reward Program. Every student has days when they do not practice. In order for a student to fully benefit from lessons, they must practice. These programs are successful in helping a student find the motivation.


Flexible and Reliable Schedules

We provide flexible schedules at our school. Our school is open six days a week. Your lesson time is guaranteed once you register with us.

Up to Date On-line Event Calendar

Our online Event Calendar is accessible 24/7 in case you need to confirm the next recital date or holiday lesson schedule.

24 Hour Voicemail and Email

Use our 24/7 Voicemail and Email when you need to leave a message or ask a question and our office is closed.

Parental Support

Trial Lesson and Consultations

Not sure of your level, which course of study to follow, when to start or how to practice? Contact our office to schedule a trial lesson or consultation time. We want to make sure you are successful in music lesson.

Educational Tips

We provide free online educational reports and practice tips that will help you get the most out of your music lessons. View these reports in our weekly.

On-Line Support

Our website maintains an up-to-date calendar of events and contact information.

Focus on Giving Back

Students have an opportunity to serve others by sharing their skills and talents. Through a variety of performing opportunities, students are able to give back and be appreciated for their dedication and contributions.