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  • What is the price range for music lessons?

    In Howard county tuition can cost as much as $45 for a 30 minute lesson. Tuition can be as high as $50-$60 for a 30 minute lesson in the District of Columbia. Tuition varies based on experience, qualifications of teachers/staff and quality of the Music Program. Tuition is usually paid monthly, by the semester or annually and is based on the number of lessons in the academic year. RSM strives to maintain affordable rates so that students are able to receive superior music instruction.

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  • What is the best age to start music lessons?

    Adults may start music lessons at any age. Children may begin as early as age 4, but peak development such as mental and emotional maturity as well as physical maturity must be taken into account.

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  • Can I help my child practice if I do not have any music background?

    Yes! Taking time to learn with your child would be helpful. You can attend your child’s lesson and ask their teacher to clarify concepts that you do not understand. Monitoring your your child’s practice and making sure that they are performing their exercises or songs as indicated by the teacher will help them progress.

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  • How long does it take to learn an instrument?

    The rate at which you learn an instrument depends on the amount of lessons and practice time invested, ability, talent, determination and skill level desired. By practicing regularly one may be able to play at a basic level in 6-12 month. The longer you stick with music lessons the more you improve.
  • Do I need a piano at home to take lessons?

    Students must have access to a piano in order to take piano lessons. It is ideal to have a piano at home, but you can start lessons using an electric keyboard. Most students who start lessons on a real piano are more motivated to practice and have a more successful experience.