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Ms. Ellie Kim

Ms. Ellie Kim was recognized with “great critical acclaim” by Opera News online for the role of Rita in Donizetti’s Rita with the Martina Arroyo Foundation. Ms. Ellie Kim is a Washington, DC -based Soprano who is originally from Seoul, Korea.

Ms. Ellie Kim has been a featured soloist in various concerts including Liebster Jesu, Alles nur nach Gottes Willen in Baltimore, Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir, and Britten’s A Ceremony of Carol with the Washington Bach Consort. She also performed the soprano solo in Mozart’s Requiem, John Rutter’s Gloria and Handel’s Messiah in the DC area.

She made her debut in operatic roles performing Lucy in Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Telephone at the National Theater of Korea.

Her operatic highlights include the role of Pamina in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Rita in Donizetti’s Rita, Barbarina in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, Sophie in Massenet’s Werther, and Liu in Puccini’s Turandot.

As a teacher, Ms. Ellie Kim prioritizes getting to know each of her students individually by finding out what kind of music they enjoy listening or wish to play in order to integrate this interest into the curriculum. It is her goal to help each student attain a balance of proper technique and a joy for music so that he/she will learn how to express and reach the hearts of their audience. She hopes to provide an encouraging and inspiring environment that will nurture a love and appreciation for music. Ms. Kim teaches voice and piano.

Ms. Kim received her Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music in New York and her Bachelor of Music in Korea.

Mr. Felipe Garibaldi

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, classical guitarist Mr. Felipe Garibaldi is an active performer, music researcher, and educator. In 2012, Mr. Garibaldi received the Classical Music Interpreter Award at the 20th Programa Nascente, from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2018, he was awarded with both a grant and a Graduate Assistantship position from the Johns Hopkins University for his Doctoral studies in Classical Guitar Performance at the Peabody Institute, in the studio of reputed guitarist and pedagogue Julian Gray.

Mr. Garibaldi has made several premiere recordings of guitar works by Brazilian composers such as Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca and Nelson Macedo, for the Cultura FM de São Paulo Radio, commissioned and curated by Fábio Zanon. He has made the U.S. premiere performance of the solo guitar works of Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro (1919-1989). Mr. Garibaldi also made Brazilian premiere performances of chamber music by Cuban composer Leo Brouwer. He has also made several recordings and arrangements on Christian music for Sony Music.

Mr. Garibaldi earned both his Bachelor in Classical Guitar Performance and Master of Music degrees from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, under renowned Brazilian guitarist Edelton Gloeden. Mr. Garibaldi has also participated in masterclasses with internationally renowned musicians such as Leo Brouwer, David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Eliot Fisk, Edelton Gloeden, Fábio Zanon, Jason Vieaux, Bruce Holzman, and others.

Mr. Garibaldi is an active music educator, having hold multiple teaching and administrative positions at the Adventist University of São Paulo (both UNASP-SP and UNASP-EC), currently teaching at Roberson School of Music as well as serving as Teaching Assistant at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

As a teacher, Mr. Garibaldi endeavours to engage students on a journey into a world of artistic beauty, tradition, and creative possibilities.

Ms. Ki Yeon Chang

Ms. Kiyeon Chang, born in Korea, received her Bachelor of Music degree from Ewha Womans University of Korea. She also earned Master’s degree at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University under the study of Emily Skala, principal flutist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Chang has received various awards. Some of which include first place winner of the Sung-Jung Scholarship Association, the Korean American Youth Woodwind Organization and the Korean Philharmonic Orchestra National Music Award while in Korea. She also won the second prize at the Alexander & Buono International Flute Competition. She appeared as a soloist in the Ewon Cultural Center Prodigy Concert, Road Scholar at Peabody Cohen Davidson Hall Recital and Noon Recital at the Walters Art Museum.

Ms. Chang has performed as a member of the Korea Flute Soloists Ensemble and various ensemble recitals including flute duo and trio with cellist. She served as a substitute flutist with several orchestras including KBS Symphony Orchestra, Prime Philharmonic Orchestra and TIMF Orchestra. She has taught flute at Orchkids of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as an assistant in 2014. She has a passion for teaching and playing music.

Mr. Keith Karasik

Mr. Keith Karasik teaches double bass and strings. His biography will be posted soon.

2022 Awards and Honors

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2022 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior and Superior Minus ratings:

  • Superior Minus: Gabriella Kerechanin, Sanya Srenenivas
  • Superior: Xylia Wheat, Sofia Fabian, Jeremy Zhang, Taylor Jackson
  • Superior Plus: Rana Ghandi, Chloe Yan, Anisa Jackson, Sola Garmew, Veena Sellappan, Danielle Spence, Shishir Nallar, Isaiah McCray

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2022 MSMTA Music Theory testing exam. Our Students averaged in the 95th percentile receiving superior and excellent ratings:

Superior Plus: Lucas Rosa, Jaylen Yan, Chloe Yan, Jeremy Zhang
Superior: Kim Burson
Excellent Plus: Allison Sabo, Alexandra Wu

MSMTA Piano Solo and Musicianship Exam- Student Achievement
Congratulations to Jeremy Zhang who participated in the MSMTA piano solo competition and the MSMTA musicianship exam. Jeremy received superior ratings.

June 2022 Recital

DSC 0660
DSC 0657
DSC 0654
DSC 0653
DSC 0651
DSC 0648
DSC 0644
DSC 0642
DSC 0638
DSC 0636
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DSC 0613
DSC 0610
DSC 0606
DSC 0605
DSC 0600
DSC 0595
DSC 0590
DSC 0585
DSC 0580
DSC 0577
DSC 0573
DSC 0567
DSC 0562
DSC 0559
DSC 0554
DSC 0551
DSC 0543
DSC 0541
DSC 0540
DSC 0538
DSC 0536
DSC 0534
DSC 0532
DSC 0530
DSC 0526
DSC 0525
DSC 0524
DSC 0520
DSC 0518
DSC 0516
DSC 0508
DSC 0504
DSC 0497
DSC 0486
DSC 0482
DSC 0480
DSC 0473
DSC 0464
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DSC 0456
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DSC 0445
DSC 0438
DSC 0433
DSC 0430
DSC 0423
DSC 0417
DSC 0413
DSC 0407
DSC 0402
2022 June Recital

March 2022 Recital

DSC 0189
DSC 0190
DSC 0191
DSC 0202
DSC 0208
DSC 0213
DSC 0216
DSC 0221
DSC 0225
DSC 0227
DSC 0230
DSC 0231
DSC 0238
DSC 0241
DSC 0245
DSC 0248
DSC 0254
DSC 0258
DSC 0263
DSC 0268
DSC 0274
DSC 0279
DSC 0281
DSC 0283
DSC 0284
DSC 0285
DSC 0286
DSC 0288
DSC 0290
DSC 0294
DSC 0297
DSC 0302
DSC 0303
DSC 0312
DSC 0316
DSC 0322
DSC 0323
DSC 0326
DSC 0330
DSC 0338
DSC 0340
DSC 0346
DSC 0350

December 2021 Recital

December 2021 Recital
DSC 0008
DSC 0011
DSC 0018
DSC 0026
DSC 0030
DSC 0031
DSC 0035
DSC 0039
DSC 0047
DSC 0056
DSC 0059
DSC 0066
DSC 0073
DSC 0078
DSC 0081
DSC 0084
DSC 0085
DSC 0086
DSC 0088
DSC 0089
DSC 0091
DSC 0093
DSC 0094
DSC 0097
DSC 0099
DSC 0102
DSC 0103
DSC 0105
DSC 0106
DSC 0107
DSC 0110
DSC 0114
DSC 0115
DSC 0118
DSC 0125
DSC 0128
DSC 0131
DSC 0132
DSC 0134
DSC 0137
DSC 0139
DSC 0143
DSC 0146
DSC 0150
DSC 0154
DSC 0158
DSC 0159
DSC 0164
DSC 0166
DSC 0168
DSC 0170
DSC 0172
DSC 0176
DSC 0178
DSC 0179
DSC 0182

2021 Piano Guild Participants

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2021 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior, Superior Minus and Excellent Plus ratings:

  • Excellent Plus: Kim Burson, Rishi Aluru, Alexander Sleeman
  • Superior Minus: Susanna Babatunde, Sophia Fabian, Allison Sabo, Caleb King, Lucas Rosa
  • Superior: Veena Sellappan, Danielle Spence, Shishir Nallar, Gabriella Kerechanin, Sebastian Clare, Sophia Clare, Sophia James, Valentina Rosa, Chloe Yabn
  • Superior Plus: Terrence Tam, Anisa Jackson, Isaiah McCray, Jeremy Zhang, Zane Bourne, Nicholas Emig

Congratulations to the following students that received special plaques this year:

  • Sonatina Performance Plaque (performed a complete Sonatina program consisting of 14 memorized pieces): Shishir Nallar, Danielle Spence

2021 MTNA Studio Festival Participants

Congratulations to RSM student, Kaylin Herron, for her participation in the 2021 Howard County Chapter MTNA Studio Festival. Kaylin performed on the cello and received a superior minus rating.

MTNA Studio Festival Details: RSM is an active member of the National Music Teacher’s Association and the Maryland State Music Teacher’s Association. Each year, RSM hosts the MTNA studio festival. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. All pieces must be memorized including musicianship phases.
  2. Each student appears before the experienced MTNA examiner at the appointed time.
  3. Every year a student participates in the Festival, he/she will receive the following rewards:
  • A Certificate according to classification and grading.
  • A MTNA studio festival Pin or Medallion according to entry level and grading.
  • Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the MTNA examiner.

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