2018 Piano Guild Participants

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2018 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior Superior Minus, Excellent Plus, Excellent and Good ratings:
  • State Winners (performed 7-9 memorized pieces): Nicholas Emig
  • District Winners (performed 4-6 memorized pieces): Sebastian Clare, Aiko Gulston, Samaira Hammond, Shishir Nallar, Soraya Sharif, Danielle Spence, Sydney Smith
  • Local Winners (performed 2-3 memorized pieces): Nadia Walcott, Anisa Jackson, Krishna Gawandi, Alexandra Wu, Shravan Yoagentharan, Misha Usmani, Kemka Ihemelandu, Kainetochi Ihemelandu, Sophia Clare, Tatyana Chasen, Alexander Sleeman, Isaiah McCray, Nia Holland, Valentina Rosa, Laila Sheikh, Kim Burson


Piano Guild Details

RSM is an active member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers and a Sponsor-Member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians (NFSM). We desire to have all our piano students qualify for NFSM Membership by participating in the National Piano Guild Auditions as follows:

1. Participation in Guild Auditions in the memorized classification.

2. Performance of 1 to 20 memorized pieces (and Musicianship Phases) for entry in the non- competitive Annual National Piano Playing Auditions (optional competition category).

3. Each student appears before the experienced Guild examiner at the appointed time. Since Guild Auditions are considered a legitimate excuse for school absence, parents may request permission from school authorities for their children to be excused to perform in the National Piano Playing Auditions. (A form letter is available).

4. Every year a student enters Auditions, he/she will receive the following rewards:

  • A Membership Certificate according to classification.
  • An NFSM Membership Pin in Bronze (Pledge, Local and District), Silver (State), or Gold (National or International). Hobbyist and Ensemble students receive a bronze pin.
  • Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the Guild examiner.

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