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2024 Awards and honors

MSMTA Music Theory Exam – Student Achievement

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2024 MSMTA Music Theory testing exam. Our Students received superior and excellent ratings:

  • Superior: Stone Hargrove    
  • Superior: Danielle Choi   
  • Superior: Roy Prather
  • Excellent: Luas Rosa

MSMTA Musicianship Exam – Student Achievement

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2024 MSMTA Musicianship Exam. Our students received superior ratings:

  • Danielle Choi
  • Samuel Choi
  • Stone Hargrove
  • Roy Prather

March 2024 Recital Photos

DSC 0212
DSC 0183
DSC 0197
DSC 0275
DSC 0273
DSC 0265
DSC 0233
DSC 0200
DSC 0257
DSC 0251
DSC 0246
DSC 0240
DSC 0219
DSC 0205
DSC 0184
DSC 0282
DSC 0293
DSC 0322
DSC 0297
DSC 0343
DSC 0310
DSC 0367
DSC 0361
DSC 0358

December 2023 Recital

DSC 0862
DSC 0967
DSC 0840
DSC 0978
DSC 0974
DSC 0877
DSC 0960
DSC 0951
DSC 0822
DSC 0948
DSC 0989
DSC 0944
DSC 0939
DSC 0934
DSC 0932
DSC 0930
DSC 0929
DSC 0924
DSC 0922
DSC 0920
DSC 0918
DSC 0916
DSC 0910
DSC 0900
DSC 0892
DSC 0885
DSC 0803
DSC 0871
DSC 0868
DSC 0855
DSC 0845
DSC 0859
DSC 0836
DSC 0832
DSC 0814
DSC 0805
DSC 0799
DSC 0795
DSC 0790
DSC 0782
DSC 0778
DSC 0155
DSC 0152
DSC 0151
DSC 0147
DSC 0142
DSC 0128
DSC 0120
DSC 0118
DSC 0100
DSC 0092
DSC 0081
DSC 0075
DSC 0068
DSC 0047
DSC 0042
DSC 0037
DSC 0035
DSC 0032
DSC 0029
DSC 0021
DSC 0018
DSC 0011
DSC 0005
DSC 0996
DSC 0938


August 2023 Recital
DSC 0768
DSC 0759
DSC 0756
DSC 0752
DSC 0748
DSC 0744
DSC 0741
DSC 0737
DSC 0731
DSC 0726
DSC 0723
DSC 0721
DSC 0714
DSC 0710
DSC 0704
DSC 0697
DSC 0762
DSC 0765

June 2023 Recital

DSC 0494
DSC 0656
DSC 0518
DSC 0550
DSC 0511
DSC 0687
DSC 0685
DSC 0531
DSC 0526
DSC 0523
DSC 0518
DSC 0511
DSC 0683
DSC 0681
DSC 0678
DSC 0676
DSC 0673
DSC 0672
DSC 0671
DSC 0664
DSC 0643
DSC 0637
DSC 0632
DSC 0565
DSC 0623
DSC 0617
DSC 0616
DSC 0605
DSC 0600
DSC 0597
DSC 0593
DSC 0588
DSC 0584
DSC 0581
DSC 0579
DSC 0577
DSC 0576
DSC 0574
DSC 0523
DSC 0563
DSC 0559
DSC 0556
DSC 0552
DSC 0540
DSC 0535
DSC 0506
DSC 0501
DSC 0483
DSC 0480
DSC 0475
DSC 0467
DSC 0462

2023 Awards and Honors

Piano Guild Awards

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2023 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Special Plaques, Superior Plus, Superior and Superior Minus ratings:

  • Superior Plus: Chloe Yan, Liam Elvard, Samuel Choi
  • Superior: Jeremy Zhang, Sophia James, Danielle Spence, Veena Sellappan, Allison sabo, Valentina Leal, Gabriel Roberson, Liev Elvard, Sofia Fabian, Xylia Wheat, Taylor Jackson, Anisa Jackson, Marium Haider, Isaiah McCray
  • Superior Minus: Susanna Babatunde, Kazim Haider, Kim Burson

Congratulations to the following students that received special plaques this year:

  • Early Bach Plaque: Danielle Spence
  • Founder’s Plaque: Samuel Choi

MTNA Studio Festival Awards

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2023 Howard County Chapter MTNA Studio Festival for voice.

  • Superior Minus: Aanya Sinha
  • Excellent Plus: Kim Burson

MSMTA Distinguished Music Achievement Award

Congratulations to Jeremy Zhang for being awarded the MSMTA Distinguished Music Achievement Award at the Elementary level.

MSMTA Piano Solo Competition – Student Achievement

Congratulations to Chloe Yan for receiving honorable mention and Samuel Choi for receiving excellent ratings in the 2023 MSMTA Spring Piano Festival.

Royal Conservatory Exam Award

Congratulations to Kai Luo for receiving First Class Honours in the 2023 Royal Conservatory practical examination.

MSMTA Piano Solo and Musicianship Exam – Student Achievement

Congratulations to Jeremy Zhang and Samuel Choi who participated in the MSMTA piano solo competition and the MSMTA musicianship exam. Jeremy and Samuel received superior ratings.

MSMTA Music Theory Exam – Student Achievement

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2023 MSMTA Music Theory testing exam. Our Students received superior plus and excellent ratings:

Superior Plus: Chloe Yan, Jeremy Zhang, Kai Luo
Superior: Samuel Choi
Excellent Plus: Kim Burson

March 2023 Recital

DSC 0398
DSC 0339
DSC 0349
DSC 0350
DSC 0362
DSC 0366
DSC 0429
DSC 0427
DSC 0422
DSC 0418
DSC 0411
DSC 0408
DSC 0403
DSC 0391
DSC 0387
DSC 0381
DSC 0376
DSC 0433
DSC 0374
DSC 0357
DSC 0453
DSC 0445
DSC 0441
DSC 0333
DSC 0451
DSC 0456
DSC 0450

December 2022 Recital

DSC 0000
DSC 0307
DSC 0301
DSC 0300
DSC 0295
DSC 0287
DSC 0314
DSC 0286
DSC 0274
DSC 0324
DSC 0268
DSC 0311
DSC 0309
DSC 0327
DSC 0305
DSC 0312
DSC 0321
DSC 0320
DSC 0261
DSC 0258
DSC 0247
DSC 0242
DSC 0237
DSC 0234
DSC 0229
DSC 0225
DSC 0220
DSC 0217
DSC 0208
DSC 0201
DSC 0199
DSC 0191
DSC 0188
DSC 0180
DSC 0175
DSC 0171
DSC 0166
DSC 0161
DSC 0158
DSC 0157
DSC 0154
DSC 0153
DSC 0152
DSC 0150
DSC 0148
DSC 0147
DSC 0145
DSC 0143
DSC 0141
DSC 0138
DSC 0137
DSC 0136
DSC 0135
DSC 0133
DSC 0124
DSC 0120
DSC 0114
DSC 0106
DSC 0099
DSC 0097
DSC 0088
DSC 0081
DSC 0000
DSC 0077
DSC 0072
DSC 0069
DSC 0057
DSC 0050
DSC 0046
DSC 0040
DSC 0033
DSC 0030
DSC 0026
DSC 0024
DSC 0021
DSC 0013

Dr. Monica Roberson, Director

Monica Roberson, D.M.A, is a recognized performer, composer and music educator. Before receiving her Doctorate of Music in Composition/Theory and Piano Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Roberson also studied at Peabody Conservatory of Music where she received her Master’s of Music and the University of North Florida where she received her Bachelor’s of Education in Music.

As a pianist, she has performed throughout the United States to rave reviews. She has been featured on public television in Jacksonville, FL. Her piano playing has been described as “passionate and energetic.” She has competed in various piano competitions and received awards such as third place winner of the DeBose National Piano Competition.

As a composer, Dr. Roberson has composed various pieces ranging from solo to symphonic works. Her music has appeared in master classes with world-renowned vocalist, Dawn Upshaw. She has won several composition competitions, some of which include winner of the Margaret Blackburn Composition Competition. She was also awarded the Eubie Blake Scholar Award for outstanding musician and composer. During her studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she was awarded a grant from the Women’s Studies program in order to compose her chamber opera piece titled “A Room of One’s Own” based on the book by Virginia Woolf. She currently accepts commissions and participates in collaborations with artists. With every note she writes, she strives to touch the souls of listeners through rich, colorful, and energetic sounds.

As a teacher, Dr. Roberson has received positive ratings from her students. She teaches piano, voice, strings and percussion. Her students have won various competitions and scholarships in competitions such as ACT-SO, MSMTA, MTNA and Piano Guild. She has recently taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spelman College, Howard University, the University of Maryland at Baltimore County and Anne Arundel Community College. She has also assisted with the growth and development of private piano programs at the Nathan Carter School of Music, Maryland Conservatory of Music and Champaign School of Music. Dr. Roberson has also taught general music, band and choir at Holy Trinity Episcopal School Elementary School, Greenland Pines Elementary School and Grace Episcopal School. Dr. Roberson is a recipient of the Guild Teachers’ National Honor Roll Award from the American College of Musicians for preparing top students for piano adjudication and international composition contests. In 2022, she was award the Piano Guild Hall of Fame. Dr. Roberson is currently a part-time professor at Howard Community College.

Dr. Roberson is also active in church music ministry. She has served as musician and assistant director at the Cross Creek Presbyterian Church and Mt. Nebo Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, Warner Baptist Church in Falls Church, VA, and Friendship Lutheran Church in Savoy, IL. She has also served as the Director of Music at the Oakland Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA.

Additionally, Dr. Roberson is a writer and publisher. She has written several articles for Salem Press and EBSCO Publishing’s multi-volume of biographical and analytical publication of Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century as well as The Forties in America. She has also written several articles in their upcoming multi-volume of The Twenties in America, The Thirties in America, and Great Lives from History: African Americans. Dr. Roberson is also the publisher of Roberson Music Publishing Company where several of her works have been published.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading her favorite books.

To learn more about Dr. Roberson, visit her website.