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Competitions and Exams

  • Piano Guild Festival

    Roberson School of Music is the Columbia Center of the National Guild of Piano Teachers and a Sponsor-Member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians (NFSM). The piano guild requirements are as follows:

    All pieces must be memorized. Performance of 1 to 20 memorized pieces (and Musicianship Phases) for entry in the non-competitive Annual National Piano Playing Auditions. Each student appears before the experienced Guild examiner at the appointed time. Every year a student enters Auditions, he/she will receive the following rewards:

    • A Membership Certificate according to classification.
    • An NFSM Membership Pin in Bronze (Pledge, Local and District), Silver (State), or Gold (National or International).
    • Hobbyist and Ensemble students receive a bronze pin.
    • Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the Guild examiner.

    Students may apply for the piano guild plaque by entering advanced levels.

  • MTNA Festival

    Roberson School of Music is the Columbia Center of the Music Teachers National Association Studio Festival Program. The purpose of the MTNA Studio Festival Program is to provide the teacher and the teacher’s students with an opportunity to participate in a nationally sponsored program that is open to students of all ages and levels of advancement. The MTNA Studio Festival Program provides an incentive for practice as well as an incentive for selection of appropriately challenging repertoire. Students receive supportive critique from a credible adjudicator. The Studio Festival Program provides national recognition to individual students for participation in a nationally sponsored program. Levels range from Elementary, Intermediate and Prep (high school). The levels and repertoire standards correlate to those in an academic institution.

    • A Certificate according to classification and grading.
    • A MTNA studio festival Pin or Medallion according to entry level and grading.
    • Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the MTNA examiner.
  • Written Exams

    Students have the option to participate in Maryland State Music Teachers Association (MSMTA) written theory exam. This exam helps to prepare students for the AP Theory exam, which can be  used to receive college credit. Levels begin at the prep level and progress through level 11.

    MSMTA is a branch of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and is dedicated advancing the value of music study and music making. The association strives to provide the latest methods, exams and information on music education.

  • Competitions

    Students have the option to participate in various competitions in Howard County and surrounding counties.
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Exam

    RSM offers an intensive college prep program where students complete annual playing and written exams, which is part of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). RCM is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world. The Royal Conservatory examinations provide a national standard for students, parents and teachers to track and measure progress and achievements. Level by level, students expand their abilities in performance, technical patterns, and musicianship, all beginning at the Elementary levels. The written theory exam is in conjunction with MSTNA and the Royal Conservatory of Music theory exam. These exams prepare students for AP Theory exams, which will allow them to receive college credit. Upon completion of the Royal Conservatory Exam, students can earn their Artist Diploma in Performance.