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As recent research on those of us who are getting older, it is highly advised to learn how to play a new instrument as it offsets memory retention issues. Dr. Roberson’s school of music was the best investment I have ever made in myself. She assigned me to Ms Flores who is an outstanding and very patient Instructor who has encouraged me to keep practicing and learning. I am now at the point where she is teaching me more classical pieces of music that require long bow techniques. I am so glad that I found this school. Thank you Dr. Roberson.

-Beverely B.

My daughters enjoy their lessons. The teachers are very dedicated. The guitar guy deserves special mention. And the voice teacher. And the piano teacher too!! Overall a pleasant experience. I can get my work done in their peaceful and clean waiting room. We have been here for two years, plan to stay!

-K and K Mom I.

I wanted to writer a review for the Roberson School of Music.  I have been an adult voice and piano student with the school since January, 2016.  I did not begin taking music lessons until adulthood and took it off and on for a number of years from various instructors.  However it was not until I started taking lessons at Roberson School of Music did I begin to develop some proficiency.  During these 2 years, I’ve learned so much!!  I now feel like a musician.  I still have a ways to go but with Roberson School of Music, I am well on my way.  My music has been a wonderful outlet for me. I look forward to my lessons and feel so excited and satisfied after I leave.  Although I still experience reservations about performing at recitals, my comfort level is growing along with my skills.  I told Dr. Monica Roberson that my music instruction is the “highlight of my life”.  I am so thankful that I found the school and for the wealth of knowledge she and her staff of instructors provide for their students.

-Ms. Kim B.

Dr. Monica Roberson @Roberson School of Music has been Danielle’s piano teacher since she was 5 years old. Danielle informed me that she is the only instructor she ever wants to have. When we started lessons so early I feared that she would grow tired of it and it would be short lived. Dr. Roberson keeps her inspired to learn more and continue with the gift she has been blessed with. She enjoys playing and tackles new songs as if each is a new and fun challenge. I love watching her songs develop from hands separate measure by measure, and morph into beautiful melodic pieces of work. Thank you Dr Roberson and I am so anxious to continue watching her grow in her craft.

-Ms. Lisa Vaughan Spence

My mom, who is a senior citizen, has always wanted to learn to play an instrument. She found the Roberson School of Music by Google and started taking lessons. She is thrilled to be a student again! She is happier than ever, loves her teacher, and looks forward to her weekly lessons. Dr. Roberson is a very sensitive and understanding of adult students, especially one who is a senior citizen. Her instructors are also very patient and enjoy sharing the love of music. We are blessed to have found this “diamond in the rough” right here in Columbia.

-Son of a very happy student.

I have been a student of Dr. Roberson since her early beginnings in 2010. I came to her to practice voice. I am a gifted vocalist, that at the time was going through many vocal changes, and needed major assistance to get my sound back. Dr. Roberson, with peace and ease, challenged my voice to grow into arenas I had never thought I would sing before. Dr. Roberson does an excellent job at bringing diverse music into your portfolio. With her, I was singing arias, poems, African American spirituals, and pop songs. She does an excellent job focusing on all areasof technique. (Breathing, pronunciation, tone, voice placement). As her student, she helped me prepare for many auditions at the Apollo in NYC and a vocal competition, Act-So, in Houston,TX. Dr. Roberson pays great attention to each of her students needs and customizes her lessons specifically for the student. I have no doubt that her expertise aren’t reflected within the other instructors at the school.
After I left, MD for college in Atlanta, Dr. Roberson still proved to be an excellent teacher even though I wasn’t specifically enrolled in her program. She is always available for any musical techinique advice and strategies to keep a healthy voice, as I continued to travel and sing. She also has served as a great mentor for my musical career. She wants all of her students to succeed and continues to prove to be an excellent resource for advice and mentorship. That’s one thing that I appreciate from the Roberson School of Music, they will always be a support for you even in the long run.
I suggest students at any age to consider the Roberson School of Music to study any instrument. Dr. Roberson’s southern hospitality charm mixed with adept professionalism will surely make you feel right at home while learning. -Aaron S.

My two children have been taking lessons from Robeson School for over 3 years now and are making great progress.  We still look forward to  lesson every week. Since they have been taking lessons we notice the types of songs they play each month are becoming more complex but my kids like the challenge. Since the school has so many recitals they have gotten over their stage fright and have improved as a performers. These days they are more excited about performing in the Carnegie Hall debut performance. I think my children have learned more at Roberson School than any other school they have attended. The director and my kid’s teachers are deeply caring individuals who want nothing but the best for their students. I am so happy that my kids like playing the piano again. I am a proud mom.

-Holly L.

I had my grandson in Roberson School of Music from the age of 7 until 13 . I loved the instruction and concern that the teachers and the Director showed for him. The recitals were on point and taught the students about the professionalism they needed to know. They even gave free musician classes on Saturdays. I never experienced any kind of conflicts over payment of tuition. In fact, the tuition is low compared to other schools. This is s wonderful school and I would recommend it to anyone looking for lessons.

-Audrey Haskins

Awesome school!!

-Cheryl Cottone

My daughter recently enrolled in the school’s summer camp. I must say she had a good time in the camp. The instructor was so good and encouraging that even after the summer camp my daughter practiced the piano on her own. We are looking forward to having her return and take private lessons this fall.

-Courtney A.

Excellent school for the young and adults.

-Kathy B.