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2020 Awards and Honors

Piano Guild Awards

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2020 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior, Superior Minus and Excellent Plus ratings:

  • Excellent Plus: Veena Sellappan
  • Superior Minus: Allison Sabo, Gabrielle Jackson, Lucas Rosa, Alaiyah Shelton, Caleb King, Susanna Babatunde, Rana Ghandi
  • Superior: Nadia Walcott, Valentina Rosa, John Sharpe, Soraya Sharif, Anisa Jackson, Sophia James, Aiko Gulston, Tatyana Chasen, Sophia Clare, Sebastian Clare, Isaiah McCray, Rishi Aluru, Alexander Sleeman, Jeremy Zhang, Nicholas Emig, Shishir Nallar
  • Superior Plus: Jeanine Sharpe, Cloe Sharpe, Danielle Spence, Veronica Sharpe
  • Duets Superior Minus: Sophia Clare and Sebastian Clare
  • Duets Superior: Danielle Spence and Tatyana Chasen

Congratulations to the following students that received special plaques this year:

  • Founder Performance Plaque: Shishir Nallar
  • Sonatina Performance Plaque: Nicholas Emig
  • High School Diploma Performance Plaque: Veronica Sharpe (performed a 90 minute program)

Royal Conservatory Exam Award

Congratulations to Alexandra Wu for receiving Honours in the 2020 Royal Conservatory practical examination.

MSMTA Piano Solo Competition – Student Achievement

Congratulations RSM students, Terrence Tam for receiving honorable mention and Grace Lowden for receiving excellent ratings in the 2020 MSMTA Spring Piano Festival Competition. The MSMTA Spring Festival Piano Competition is an annual event in which students perform two pieces from different periods. Way to go Terrence and Grace!.