2021 Piano Guild Participants

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2021 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior, Superior Minus and Excellent Plus ratings:

  • Excellent Plus: Kim Burson, Rishi Aluru, Alexander Sleeman
  • Superior Minus: Susanna Babatunde, Sophia Fabian, Allison Sabo, Caleb King, Lucas Rosa
  • Superior: Veena Sellappan, Danielle Spence, Shishir Nallar, Gabriella Kerechanin, Sebastian Clare, Sophia Clare, Sophia James, Valentina Rosa, Chloe Yabn
  • Superior Plus: Terrence Tam, Anisa Jackson, Isaiah McCray, Jeremy Zhang, Zane Bourne, Nicholas Emig

Congratulations to the following students that received special plaques this year:

  • Sonatina Performance Plaque (performed a complete Sonatina program consisting of 14 memorized pieces): Shishir Nallar, Danielle Spence

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