Practice Techniques

  1. Make Practicing a Habit Treat practicing as part of your daily routine. Choose a consistent time that you will be able to practice everyday. Making it a habit of following your teacher’s assignment. At the end of your practice play something fun.
  2. Practice Smart Practice at the time of day that you maintain focus. For young children, several short periods throughout the day is best.
  3. Practice Repetition While practicing, focus on repetition. For example, play hands separately 5 times then together five times. Choose a short passage to play several times. This helps build muscle memory.
  4. Record Yourself Playing Often record yourself playing. Listen carefully to your recording in order to see if the recording matches the music you intended to create.
  5. Make Practicing Fun After practicing your assignment, play some music that you really enjoy.
  6. Peer Motivation Make it a point to listen to your peers play and /or have your peers listen to you. Provide feedback of one another’s performance.