2022 Awards and Honors

Congratulations to RSM’s students that participated in the 2022 Howard County Chapter of Piano Guild. Our students received Superior Plus, Superior and Superior Minus ratings:
  • Superior Minus: Gabriella Kerechanin, Sanya Srenenivas
  • Superior: Xylia Wheat, Sofia Fabian, Jeremy Zhang, Taylor Jackson
  • Superior Plus: Rana Ghandi, Chloe Yan, Anisa Jackson, Sola Garmew, Veena Sellappan, Danielle Spence, Shishir Nallar, Isaiah McCray

Congratulations to RSM students that participated in the 2022 MSMTA Music Theory testing exam. Our Students averaged in the 95th percentile receiving superior and excellent ratings: Superior Plus: Lucas Rosa, Jaylen Yan, Chloe Yan, Jeremy Zhang Superior: Kim Burson Excellent Plus: Allison Sabo, Alexandra Wu
MSMTA Piano Solo and Musicianship Exam- Student Achievement Congratulations to Jeremy Zhang who participated in the MSMTA piano solo competition and the MSMTA musicianship exam. Jeremy received superior ratings.

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