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Educational Report

Music researchers have found links between music making and the human brain. Active music making has been connect with high academic performance and better-adjusted social behavior. It has also been linked with an increase in spatial reasoning skills, which is the foundation of success in math science.

Six Reasons Why Music Lessons Benefit Children

  1. Music Lessons Help to Develop Creative Thinking Skills.
    Learning to play the music involves a variety of brain segments such as spatial reasoning skills, emotion, creativity and motor skills. Taking music lessons can cause more effective cognitive skills.
  2. Music Lessons Can Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate
    In order to successfully play the music, a child must be able to transform a note or rhythm into hand movements that express a musical passage. Achieving this requires a great deal of focused concentration and creativity, which will benefit them in all other activities.
  3. Music Lessons Help Children Develop Memorization Skills
    Most music lessons involve participating in a recital. When a child performs in a recital, they develop the ability to memorize long passages of music and execute them in front of an audience. This is an excellent way to develop memory skills.
  4. Music Lessons Helps Build Confidence
    When children study music and successfully master the skills involved in creating music, they develop self esteem and confidence. Student will remain confident throughout their school years and become a more successful student. For this reason, music lessons are so often recommended at a young age.
  5. Music Lessons Help To Overcome Shyness
    By participating in recitals, your child becomes comfortable performing before a crowd. This helps your child to overcome shyness. It also provides students with skills that allows them to perform at school functions.
  6. Your Child Will Receive Life-Long Enjoyment From Music Lessons
    Music lessons will give your child a skills that will remain with them for years. A seventy year old can attain just as much pleasure as a five year old from creating music.

The source for the following information was provided by The Foundation for Universal Music Literacy Materials.