Early Childhood Music

RSM strives to make music meaningful for our youngest musicians through our early childhood music program. Our early childhood music program allows students as young as three years old to begin lessons in a group setting or one-on-one with a private instructor.

RSM’s┬áPiano Prep / Early Childhood group classes provide children with an opportunity to start young, when their aptitude is the highest. In a stimulating musical environment, children will sing, dance and play their way towards developing the skills that are fundamental to beginning piano or other instrumental lessons. Activities will focus on games that assist children in developing musically and that encourage a love of music. Piano Prep Classes prepare children for successful participation in private lessons.

Through our each childhood private music lessons, student learn proper technique, repertoire and how to read music at their own pace. As students progress, they earn awards and will later have the option to participate in playing or written examinations and competition. Students have the option to learn through a traditional program or Suzuki method.