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Private Strings Lessons

Roberson School of Music offers private lessons on various string instruments including violin, viola and cello. Our string faculty offers a creative and supportive learning environment for each student.

Group Class Program for Violin (Ages 5-8)

Group classes provide students with an introduction to music. We currently offer the following group classes:

  • Suzuki Violin (ages 5-8): The Suzuki Method develops a child’s ear and technique before involving note reading. Children learn by small steps and rely on sound and pitch, which allows him/her to grow in ability and confidence before introducing music notation. All music is memorized, and pitches are learned before musicality and expression can be applied. Suzuki Violin classes provide an opportunity for students to play together as a group and perform solos for each other. They learn how to encourage each other and provide constructive criticism. Each student can show others what he/she has accomplished and will be motivated by the progress of the others.