Ms. Su-Young Nam

Pianist, Ms. Su-Young Nam was born in Seoul, Korea but emigrated to the United States with her family at the age of three. At the age of four, she often followed her father to the Peabody Conservatory, where he was pursuing a Graduate Performance Diploma, and it was around this time that her fascination and love for music began to emerge. She still remembers to this day walking past the practice rooms and stopping in her tracks, entranced by the colorful and diverse blend of sounds from the pianos, seeping through the doors and into the hallway where she stood. She began taking lessons at the age of six, and since then music has always been a significant and integral part of her life.

Ms. Nam earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance in 2016 from the University of Maryland, College Park under Bradford Gowen, supported in full by the prestigious Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) scholarship. She is experienced in teaching a wide range of ages, from young children to adults. Although she is confident in her passion and ability to teach, she believes that it is important to keep growing and always makes an effort to keep her mind open to learning new things.

As a teacher, Ms. Nam prioritizes getting to know each of her students individually by finding out what kind of music they enjoy listening to or wish to play and integrating each student’s unique interests into the curriculum. At the same time, she also feels that it is important for a student to play with correct technique and good musicianship. Music is so much more than notes and rhythms that are played or sung; it speaks in ways that words cannot express, and it has the power to move, uplift, and heal. It is her goal to help each student attain this balance so that they may learn how to express and reach the hearts of their audience. Though each lesson may be only a small fraction of the day, she hopes to provide an encouraging and inspiring environment that will nurture a love and appreciation for music that can stay with each student for the remainder of their lives.

Outside of teaching piano, Ms. Nam is a church pianist at Bethany Korean United Methodist Church and teaches Korean at the Ellicott City Korean Academy. For the past three years she has also enjoyed working in musical productions with Aidan Montessori School in Washington, D.C., accompanying musicals such as Treasure Island,” “Peter Pan,” and The Phantom Tollbooth”. In her free time, Ms. Nam loves to compose music and write stories, and also loves to sing as she plays the piano.