2017 MTNA Studio Festival Participants

Congratulations to RSM’s 2017 MTNA Studio Festival Winners Scoring Superior, Excellent and Good Ratings
  • Pledge Winner (performed 2 memorized pieces): Dev Patel
  • Local Winners (performed 3-4 memorized pieces):Samaira Hammond and Cameron Grissom
  MTNA Studio Festival Details RSM is an active member of the National Music Teacher’s Association and the Maryland State Music Teacher’s Association. Each year, RSM host the MTNA studio festival. We desire to have all our singers and instrumentalists participate in the MTNA studio festival. The guidelines are as follows:
  1. All pieces must be memorized.
  2. Performance of 1 to 20 memorized pieces (and Musicianship Phases).
  3. Each student appears before the experienced MTNA examiner at the appointed time.
  4. Every year a student participates in the Festival, he/she will receive the following rewards:
  • A Certificate according to classification and grading.
  • A MTNA studio festival Pin or Medallion according to entry level and grading.
  • Analysis Chart and Report Card signed by the MTNA examiner.