Mr. Sepehrdad Aazami

Mr. Sepehrdad Aazami was born in Iran. He began playing the violin at the age of nine. Prior to beginning violin studies, he studied sight singing and ear training at age five. He started his musical journey by studying violin under Iranian and Russian instructors. Mr. Aazami plays traditional Iranian music on the Violin and Kamancheh, an Iranian instrument, which is something that he learned as a child. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the the University of Art & Music in Iran in Classical Violin Performance. He has been participating as Violinist in the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra for several years. Mr. Aazami has taught students from beginner to advance for more than 10 years, guided students participating in inter-school musical shows, competitions and different musical festivals and orchestras.

Mr. Aazami has developed his own style by bringing together classical orchestration and performance techniques with traditional Iranian music. Throughout his professional career, he has collaborated with numerous prestigious Persian ensembles such as Iranian National Orchestra. He has composed for a wide range of dance performances, from Western modern dance to Eastern folkloric traditions. Mr. Aazami has participated in several concerts including Kennedy Center, radio, TV shows, and festivals.

Mr. Aazami strives to teach his students at the level that best fits their needs. He believes that any student with the proper foundation can become great with their instrument of choice. As a teacher, he aims to make is students great violinist.